Safe Environment Training

The Diocese of Springfield in Illinois is committed to educating adults to recognize, respond, and report child sexual abuse. To help fulfill our Promise to Protect, safe environment training is required for all adult employees and volunteers to be the eyes, ears, and voices to protect children in the diocese. By educating all staff and volunteers in our schools, parishes, and organizations, the diocese’s goal is to create a culture of prevention and protection.

Catholic Mutual Group’s (CMG) Safe Haven – It’s Up to You training is a three-part, online series (English/Spanish) that depicts grooming, vulnerable adult situations, neglect, social media, and pornography with real-life scenarios.

*No one under the age of 18 is permitted to complete this training*

The training is completed online through CMG Connect. Volunteers may contact the parish Safe Environment Coordinator (SEC), Laurie Scott, lscott@stpaulhighland.org, for information on taking this required training.

Who must attend a Safe Environment Training? ALL PARISH VOLUNTEERS

Who are Parish Volunteers?

"Within the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois, Church personnel includes:

  • all priests and deacons incardinated in the Diocese and in good standing;
  • other priests and deacons who have the faculties of the Diocese;
  • all religious (members of institutes of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life);
  • lay persons employed full-time or part-time in the parishes, schools, agencies and other institutions in the Diocese;
  • and all religious and lay persons 18 years of age and older serving in ANY volunteer capacity in the parishes, schools, agencies and other institutions of the diocese of Springfield in Illinois to include volunteers in ministries of the liturgy (i.e., Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion, Lectors, Ushers, Greeters/Hospitality, Choir members, musicians and equipment technicians), volunteering in the parishes, schools, agencies, and other institutions of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois."

The online session does not have to be repeated; the background check will be automatically updated every 5 years.