Confirmation is celebrated in the third grade for our youth enrolled at St. Paul School or PSR . Our students recieve Confirmation as the second sacrament of initiation, prior to receiving their First Holy Communion. Both sacraments are celebrated in the same liturgy at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. 

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----- Here is a charge from Pope Francis, taken from his 10/4/17 General Audience address,

“Be Missionaries of Hope”:

“And on the day of Pentecost, the breath of the Holy Spirit transformed the disciples. They not only had good news to take to all, but they themselves were different from before, as though reborn to a new life. Jesus’ Resurrection transforms us with the strength of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is alive, He is alive among us, He is living and has that strength to transform.

How beautiful it is to think that we are heralds of Jesus’ Resurrection not only in words but in deeds and with the witness of life! Jesus doesn’t want disciples capable only of repeating formulas learnt by heart. He wants witnesses: persons that spread hope by their way of welcoming, of smiling, of loving."