Vocation Committee


Each Sunday a family, couple, or individual will be called forward at the Mass to receive the vocation cross. In taking the cross they commit themselves to pray during the week, in the name of our parish, the vocation prayer in thanksgiving for all those generously sharing in Church ministry and in particular for the gift of sisters, brothers, priests and deacons. They are also asked to pray for an increase in holy vocations.

All of you are invited to participate in this program. We encourage you to sign up for one of the weeks and then to attend the designated Mass that week to receive the cross.

It is our hope that this experience will encourage each of us to take seriously our vocation as a member of the Body of Christ and encourage ALL of us to pray for the gift of vocations to priesthood and religious life (not just the family with the cross for the week!).

We believe the Spirit is calling forth men and women from our faith community to these roles of service. May our prayer help inspire young women and men to be attentive to the movement of the Spirit within them and to step forward in faith and with generous hearts to wherever the Spirit leads them.

If you are interested in receiving the vocations cross for a week, please contact Sam Schwarztrauber at 654-2081. Thank you!

Here are just a few of the men and women that our prayers for vocations have helped support...